Answer Choice Fields

The answers property can contain the following fields:

idID of answer
typeType of answer
choice_titleLabel of the choice selected
choice_idID of the choice selected
row_titleLabel of the row selected in a matrix
row_idID of the row selected
column_titleLabel of the column in a matrix
column_idID of the column selected
dropdown_titleLabel of the drop down choice in Drop Down Matrix.
dropdown_idID of the column selected
valueOpen-ended text value

Sort By Multiple Fields

To sort by multiple fields, you can add the "sort_by" parameter more than once in the query. The following URL,asc&sort_by=date_created,desc

Filter by date

The date format for the since filter must be a Unix Epoch timestamp.

So for example:
Sun, 04 Dec 2016 08:16:41 GMT

The Unix Epoch timestamp is:

Example request:

You can use the following site to see how the conversion works:

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